Security Glass Offer Security versus Vandalism

Security glass uses protection against Vandalism and can function as an essential deterrent against vandalism and infraction. Rather than shatterproof glass, there are no statutory requirements from the British Standards association worrying where security glass should be used. Danger needs to be examined on a case-by-case basis and needs to take any insurance coverage specs into account.

How does it work?

Security glass is typically laminated glass, making up 2 or more sheets of glass with several PVB interlayers. The whole assembly is bonded together using heat and pressure, resulting in the total adhesion of interlayer and glass. In case of breakage, the glass fragments remain connected to the plastic interlayer and the window maintains a residual strength while waiting for replacement. Laminated security glass can be placed on the inner or external pane of a double glazing window, however need to be utilized with a suitable framing system.

Laminated glasses with different levels of safety and security can be gotten by differing the number and/or thickness of each of the fire glass and interlayer parts. There are basic requirements for security glass capable of giving protection versus different kinds of possible threats. The three main kinds of security glass are:

Glass resistant to manual attacks

Double Glazing window resistant to manual attacks, such as an individual armed with an axe or crowbar, need to conform with the BS EN 1063 specifications for vandalism and BS EN 356 for robbery. This type of security glass is laminated for security and generally range in density from 6.5 to 25 mm. They can also be provided with integrated security alarms.

Bullet resistant glass

Ballistic ranked glass should conform with BS EN 1063 requirements. Within this category different levels of security glass are offered to secure against the passage of bullets from different kinds of guns (from handguns to shotguns) – and to avoid versus flying fragments of glass arising from bullet impacts.

Explosion-pressure resistant glazing

Any properties located in a potentially harmful risk location for explosions should utilise explosion-pressure resistant double glazing window which abides by British Security requirements BS EN 13541. Surge resistant glass is a reliable way to reduce damage and injury that can be triggered by an accidental or criminal explosion.

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