Energy expenses are rising and concerns about our carbon footprints are increasing. With this in mind, if you’re preparing to replace your existing windows you may be wondering whether to choose standard double glazing, or whether to buy triple glazed windows rather. Here, we take a closer look at both options so you can decide which is right for you.

Typically, many homes lose around ten percent of their kept heat through doors and windows, however both double and triple glazing can help to prevent this. As a result, both kinds of window and door can help to lower your energy usage while making your house a warmer and more comfy location to live.

As you might picture, triple glazing is more energy efficient than double glazing Triple glazing keeps your house even warmer, minimises your heating expenses a lot more and lower heat loss from inside your residential or commercial property thanks to their A+ energy score. Triple glazed windows are around 40% more thermally effective when compared to C-rated aluminium double glazed windows.

They are 15% more thermally efficient even when compared to A-rated double glazed windows. For that reason, if you wish to make maximum cost savings and take pleasure in a warmer indoor environment, it makes good sense to pick triple glazing over double glazing.

For anybody living near to significant roads, under flight paths, near loud wildlife or near to schools and play areas, discovering an effective method to block out excess noise from your home could not be more important. Double glazed windows are fairly efficient at avoiding noise pollution, however if you’re looking for the supreme way to get a better night’s peaceful sleep, you must choose triple glazed windows.

Thanks to their 2 spaces filled with argon gas around the extra glass pane, they offer an even better level of insulation. Development also couple this insulation with a high-performing Warm Edge spacer so that external noise can be drastically minimised when you select triple glazing

Windows can be found in a vast array of colours and designs. While the basic colour for inside your windows is white wood grain, it’s possible to choose a painted finish or a natural timber look instead.

Not only can we offer you a variety of traditional paint and lumber finishes, you can also pick from more than 200 different RAL colours for your windows thanks to our cutting-edge in-house colouring facility. Even better, our custom-painted windows maintain an authentic-looking woodgrain information so they still feel and appear like genuine wood.

These choices are readily available for both our double glazed and triple glazed windows, nevertheless there is one thing to note– if you’re looking for Georgian bars for your windows, you will require to pick double glazing, as triple glazed windows aren’t offered with this feature.

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